Im Ry, Im 17, He/they

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Got some new shirts today :)

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im a mess

awe soem thanks 


Celestial Cities is a bright and bold new print collection, inspired by the Solar System and the novel Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino. Each of the 9 prints in the series features an imagined city representing a celestial body, from the Sun all the way out to Neptune. Every city draws on different architectural styles which link to classical mythology surrounding each of the planets.

The printing process for the collection fuses tradition and sci-fi technology too. The limited editions will be produced by hand using laser engraved wooden boards as printing blocks, leaving every print with beautiful details and unique subtle textures.

The project is currently live on Kickstarter (, and great support has already been gained in the first couple of days. Alongside the limited edition block prints, postcards and digital prints are available, and one person can even get the original engraved wooden boards used for printing.

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ok, honestly tbch in all honesty the worst is when ur super anxious like trembling and then u also are horny. literally terrible


(by miyuklm on flickr).